ASCO excels in the art of matchmaking businesses to foster growth and expansion through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Our dedicated team works collaboratively with clients to understand their objectives and ensures that the merger aligns seamlessly with their long-term vision. From assessing target attractiveness and strategic fit studies to conducting due diligence, business plan development, and valuation, we meticulously handle all essential activities for a successful integration of the target company into the buyer’s operations. With a proven track record of successful matchmaking across various sectors, ASCO’s expertise brings unparalleled value to clients seeking growth opportunities through strategic M&A.

Our specialized consultation services streamline the M&A process, providing expert guidance and support throughout the journey. We assist in creating the best acquisition structure from legal, tax, and practical business perspectives, ensuring clients are equipped with the most favorable arrangements. Our team adeptly represents clients during negotiations with prospective buyers or sellers, securing advantageous terms for the transaction. By determining the true fair market value and conducting due diligence, we help clients identify risks and benefits, ensuring informed decision-making. Additionally, we offer sophisticated modeling to showcase the benefits and returns of the proposed business combination. At ASCO, our in-depth experience and guidance empower clients to swiftly identify key terms and conditions that directly impact the viability of the proposed transaction, enabling them to make well-informed decisions for their growth and success.



Food Processing
Construction and Infrastructure
Renewable Energy
Warehousing & Logistics
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