On July 2nd, 2023, ASCO Capital organized a remarkable tree plantation drive at Shakkarbag, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement. With enthusiasm and dedication, our staff actively participated in the event, joining hands to plant a multitude of trees in the nearby village. The initiative aimed to contribute to the conservation of the environment, promote ecological balance, and enhance the green cover in the region. Asco Capital's team members, equipped with saplings and gardening tools, worked together to create a positive impact on the local ecosystem. The tree plantation drive not only showcased our company's concern for the environment but also fostered a sense of responsibility towards the community. By partnering with the nearby village, we sought to nurture a strong bond and encourage a sustainable approach to safeguarding nature for future generations. Through this meaningful endeavor, ASCO Capital not only made a tangible difference in the environment but also set an example for others to follow, inspiring further acts of environmental consciousness and social responsibility within our organization and beyond.
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