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About ASCO Capital

An individualised, integrated & custom consulting firm that upscale SMEs and other businesses with sound financial solutions & business strategies. Established in 2005 on a philosophy of entrepreneurial thinking, Asco Capital, a unique & customised consulting firm, which handholds clients with its sound financial consultations & business acumen to arrive at strategic solutions. The company guides clients with huge potential, not to just raise debts and/or  equity funds based on their historical numbers or possible future outcomes, but also installs a robust business plan that guides them right from identifying the industry, perfect location, designing the business model, developing organizational & capital structure to on-boarding right technical expertise among others. The current scenario is dotted with startups trying to make their mark in the market. We at ASCO CAPITAL deal with the model by dividing decisive forces into slots and create  tailor-made solutions for each such slot separately  and finally compress them into one complete solution.

To create few unicorns by handholding them at early stages for building client company self-reliant to face upcoming financial as well as dynamic changes in market in general and competitors in particular.


To bring about small changes in the perception of client relating to product and financial market, to sustain in long horizons.